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all folded up

little bugra endsheets

I took a break most of spring break. Instead of working on these I ended up doing things like:

  1. Going to a Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation show. (It was in an old airplane garage or something. Whatever it was, I’m pretty sure it had asbestos in it.)
  2. Going on an architectural tour in downtown Jackson, Tennessee. Highlights included an abandoned government building, an abandoned church, and an almost-abandoned bus station.
  3. Ate some candy.
  4. Held a baby.
  5. Went to a wedding.

The pieces of The Adventures of Cadet Redstart Volume XIII: Trapped in the Tower of the Cat Queen! all wrapped up and ready for SOMEONE to put them together. Probably me.

This was printed on Niddegen paper and will be used in the Super-Swank edition. There are more prints on four different colors of Genesis paper.