My beloved Jack Vance project is about to go to the presses! Everything I ordered for it has come in the mail:

  1. Mohawk Superfine 70lb text – this will make up the pages of the book. It’s a soft-white and has an eggshell finish.
  2. Hollander’s .059 binder’s board – this is a thin but durable board that will make the cases for hardcover binding.
  3. Khadi handmade Indian paper – it’s a stone color and has a rough finish. This will be printed on and used to cover half the edition. The other half will be cloth-covered case bindings.

The text and images will be printed using photo-polymer plates which I will be making Sunday. I’m going to document the entire platemaking process and post the pictures on here with explanations of the steps for anyone interested. I’ll also be documenting the printing and construction of the book and posting that along the way.

I was going to start making the plates today but I decided to get a research paper and book review out of the way so I can concentrate on this. I’m very excited about this project and since I’m sending some copies to Jack Vance, I really want to do it up right.

Below are the covers of the five books in the Demon Princes series that I took the excerpts from.