Today I finished printing the text for my latest book project, Creature. It’s a science fiction story I wrote that recounts a strange adventure from two different character’s perspectives at the same time. This is accomplished by having one character’s story in the black body text and the other character’s story in red text in the margins. It was pretty heavily (and shamelessly!) inspired by some of my favorite science fiction authors (Jack Vance, Gene Wolfe, HP Lovecraft, and Frank Herbert). I’ll put the full text on here soon along with some scans of the completed spreads.

This is the reduction linoleum for the center spread of the book. It has a fold-out flap which, when lifted, will show the two little, yellow figures (sitting on the greenish hill) have moved farther away from the viewer towards the mountains in the distance. There are two colors left for me to print on this linoleum: a darker yellow, for more sand, and a reddish brown for the mountains and figures. But I’ll have to wait a couple of days for this latest layer to dry.

This is the first page of the book. You can see the two parallel stories happening. The red text is Century Gothic and the black text is Caslon

Fun Fact: The word “mercury” is used 7 times in this story!

Getting the red text to line up with the black text was a REAL hassle.