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Al Shepard

finally started working on the images for my thesis book!


Here are some rough sketches of the illustrations for the Graham Banigan book I’m in the process of reprinting. The original illustrator was Ted Rothberg so I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill! My Redstart books are packed away somewhere, but when I find them I’ll scan some of Rothberg’s illustrations. I don’t think he’ll mind considering how he disappeared under mysterious circumstances right after illustrating The Adventures of Cadet Redstart Volume XX: Captain Jazz to the Rescue!

This is the title page illustration. I originally planned for this being the SpacePatrol emblem (since Rothberg never created one) but it was quickly replaced by the flying egg.

I eventually decided to go with the one with the goggles as the first illustration within the text of the book. It's just meant to establish Cadet Redstart as a character and give readers a clear idea of what he looks like.