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sewn signaturesLast night I finally finished watching Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and I also finished sewing all my thesis text blocks as well. But who’s counting?

I am. It took me around twenty hours spread out over two days to finish sewing all these puppies together. And by “puppies” I mean “books”, not actual “puppies.” (Pictured Below)

Red Clover puppies 154



Also, here’s what the outside of my thesis notebook looks like:
image-1 image


And here’s a picture of the awesome pens I’ve been using on all my charts and diagrams:


I’ve decided to make 3 different editions of the Graham Banigan book I’m printing soon. The Adventures of Cadet Redstart Volume XIII: Trapped in the Tower of the Cat Queen will be available in:

  • Super-Swank Edition
  • Choice D-Lux Edition
  • Hi-Standard Edition

Those are listed in order of “most ritzy” to “least ritzy.” Make no mistake, however, the Hi-Standard Edition will still be incredibly “ritzy.”
I’m shooting for around 50 copies total. That works out to 6 Super-Swank, 12 Choice D-Lux, and 32 Hi-Standard.

Supplies are limited! Order yours TODAY!