I believe I mentioned that my thesis exhibition will be held in University of Alabama’s observatory, right? Well just in case I didn’t, now you know for sure just exactly how “cool” I am. Anyway, I went to meet with the observatory director the other day so I could take some measurements and get an idea of how I’m going to hang and light my work. I think I’ve got it all figured out. And how else would you expect me to do this other than by using a lot of colorful charts and graphs? You know me. Come on.

hanging options

This is how I think I’m going to hang my work. With a lot of clamps and fishing line.

Below are diagrams I drew of the observatory. The first one is in pencil and the second one is in colored pens. Just LOOK at the difference. The first one: YAWN! The second one: WOW!






And here’s a picture of the observatory. The reception (read: food) is going to be on the roof. Unless it rains. Then it will be in the control room below the observatory.

observe THIS!

observe THIS!


So anyway, I’m trying to get Neil deGrasse Tyson to come to my show opening since it has to do with space and he seems to be into that. So if anyone knows him, just drop him a line. He can always crash on my couch.




ALSO, I finally finished my first LEGIT mockup complete with slipcase and adhered mission patch. Here’s a picture of it. Pez John Adams makes the whole thing look VERY presidential.

Pez John Adams and book in background