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Saturday was my final day of thesis printing. (Whatevs.) ((No bigs.))

Don’t worry. I kept track of ALL KINDS of “interesting” statistics, such as: number of press cranks, average precipitation, miles driven, $ spent on ga$oline, temperature on my most efficient day, and MANY MORE! I won’t put those statistics on here until after my public presentation on April 8th. I want everyone to be “surprised”.

ally cleaning my press out of the kindness of her heartMy girlfriend got to fly down here from Texas and hang out with me during my final eight print runs. I was so happy to have her there and she even cleaned the press for me a few times because she is so amazing. She also read my thesis text, which is kind of a big deal since it’s partially about her. She was going to wait to read it until I was completely finished printing and binding, but she decided she couldn’t wait anymore.

final print

Here’s me casually posing before printing the very last page of the last print run.

And here's me celebrating finishing the printing of my thesis with a Cadbury Cream Egg. Delicious.

And here’s me celebrating finishing the printing of my thesis with a Cadbury Cream Egg. Delicious.


Well, you know it's true. Even Pez John Adams thinks so. Roll Tide.

Well, you know it’s true. Even Pez John Adams thinks so. Roll Tide.

Alan Shepard with the fourth and final color layer.

Alan Shepard with the fourth and final color layer.



Saturn V with 3 layers


I re-watched From the Earth to the Moon this weekend. Is there anything Tom Hanks can’t do? What a class act.

I just wrapped up printing the text for my thesis and now I’m moving on to the images. Which is good because my defense is in APRIL. April 8th, actually. But my show has to be set up and open to the public on the 4th. I’m having my show in the university’s observatory. I’m pretty sure this is a first for both the history of book arts AND The University of Alabama. (Roll Tide)

Yesterday was my first day printing any images so I took a few pictures.

The Prints

Al Shepard page

This spread features one of the 4 color prints. It’s the first American in space, Alan Shepard. Let’s light this candle.

Al Shepard plate

This is one of the polymer plates for the Al Shepard image. This is the black layer. For more information on photopolymer plates, please see my “Award Winning” post on photopolymer plates!


This is one of the images of the moon that will be in my book. I was having paper problems, so Sarah Bryant suggested I “ink the hell out of it”, and I did. And it’s beautiful. There’s so much ink on this print that you can actually feel the moon’s craters. Which is an added bonus.


moon plate

The Charts

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to talk to me for five minutes, you’ll know that I love hand-drawn, needlessly complex, multicolored charts. I love them so much that I show them to anyone who will look. I figure this is a good opportunity to show the whole world.

standard deviation

This is my standard deviation chart. Don’t be fooled into thinking I have only one of these. If you look closely at the top you’ll see that this is the “OVERALL” standard deviation chart. I also have separate deviation charts for the text portions and image portions. I like to know how many I screw up and this helps me visualize that. For another “fine” standard deviation chart, you should probably look at this other post.

print settings

This helps me keep track of all my settings. Unlike the standard deviation chart, this one is actually quite useful.

color distribution

This is my color distribution chart. It tracks how many times each color appears throughout the book and how much of that color appears on any given page. Usefulness rating: 4 out of 10.

best chart ever

This is quite simply the best, most useful chart I’ve ever created. It shows the front and back of each spread in the book. I constantly use this as I’m printing to make sure I’m printing the correct thing on the back of some other correct thing. It also helps me keep track of which portion of each page I’ve completed via a complicated series of color-coded marks below that page. This book has 3 different colors of text and four different colors for images, so things can get pretty complicated pretty fast. Anyway, I love this chart. After this is all over I’m having it framed. Or maybe bronzed. Or both.

These are the pages from my book project The Avatar’s Apprentice: Excerpts from the Scroll from the Ninth Dimension. It contains excerpts from all five of the Demon Princes novels by the inimitable Jack Vance. I won’t go into too much detail in this post since I’ve already talked about this book a lot here, here, and here. In fact, if you’re around me for more than five minutes I’ll probably mention this book.

I just sold the last two of these that I’m going to sell, BUT I am putting together a pre-order list for my next Jack Vance related project, Liane the Wayfarer, which I will be printing this fall. Email me at if you want to be added to this list.